The Voice of Glass exhibition features international artists using glass as a medium for expressing their ideas and experiences. It delves into the creation of new, experimental forms of art, encourages contemplation on the importance of teamwork in addressing current challenges and illustrates the influence of collective efforts in the arts on personal, cultural, and societal identity. To learn more about this project, visit the IRMA Collaborative and Glass Point websites.



The series of events in Riga, Latvia brought together the worlds of glass art and skateboarding in the autumn of 2020. The glass skateboarding collaboration featured top local skateboarders and skateboarding photographers and videographers documenting and representing the thriving skateboarding scene in Riga. For these sessions, a mesmerizing glass segment using recycled float glass was created as the backdrop for impromptu installations around the city. The skateboarders' fluid interaction with the glass highlighted the vitality and creativity of skateboarding culture in Latvia, despite challenges in terms of its impact on public and private property. The incorporation of unconventional materials like glass in the skateboarding scene exemplified the continued evolution and boundary-pushing of skateboarding. 

Photo: Artūrs Pavlovs

Video: Rūdolfs Henčels, Edvards Gabarajevs

Skateboarding: Madars Apse, Filip Malm,  Rūdolfs Rorbahs, Fricis Štrauss, Artūrs Nesaule, Niklāvs Vētra, Linards Vīksniņš, Kaspars Gobiņš, Dimitrijs Čļenovs, Marks Voroņenko, Roberts Potašs, Kārlis Bogustovs.

Special thanks to: IRMA CollaborativeGlass Point and Museum of Decorative Arts and Design 


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