Gen Bench, an international student initiative, is a purposeful design aimed at facilitating communication across diverse age groups. Drawing inspiration from the organic structure of an ear, the bench's unique curved form not only adds aesthetic value but also promotes improved visibility, encouraging spontaneous interactions among users.

At its core, the bench features a cylindrical table with a functional rotating lid, serving as a game wheel. This interactive element introduces an engaging dimension to communication, offering users a variety of topics for conversation.

Gen Bench transcends conventional seating solutions by seamlessly integrating form and function to promote social connectivity. The deliberate combination of design elements and interactive features seeks to dismantle communication barriers, creating a space for individuals of varying age groups to convene, exchange ideas, and establish meaningful connections.

Presently, two Gen Benches are installed in Riga and Belgrade, generously provided as gifts to the public. This initiative has been made possible with the support of Deutsche Welle akademie. Iextend our appreciation to Deutsche Welle akademie for entrusting me with this project and wish success to the aspiring minds behind this innovative endeavor. May the Gen Benches serve as catalysts for constructive conversations and connections within the communities.


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