Kārlis Bogustovs is a multidisciplinary artist known for his unique approach to glass art. He has a background in sculpture, glass art and design, having studied at Riga Design and Art School and later at the Art Academy of Latvia. His work often incorporates recycled glass, giving it a new purpose and life. He is known for his unique approach to combining his interests in skateboarding and glass art by creating functional environmental objects. His DIY and handmade pieces reflect his creativity and cultural awareness. He is constantly experimenting with the boundaries of glass as a medium, creating work that is both innovative and thought-provoking. 


Curriculum Vitae



2005-2010 Riga Design and Art School, Sculpture Design Department

2013-2017 Art Academy of Latvia, Glass Art Department, Bachelor's Degree

2017-2019 Art Academy of Latvia, Glass Art Department, Master's Degree


International education programs

2014-2015 Erasmus internship at Factory Media, London, UK

2016 "Take Part" community art training in Barcelona, Spain

2017 Kuno express course at Iceland Academy of Arts, Iceland



2010 RDMV Graduate exhibition

2014 "Look Into Glass" Glass Art exhibition at Liepāja Art High School gallery, Latvia

2015 Charity auction art exhibition for young suicide prevention, London, UK

2015 "Play Me I'm Yours" Street Piano "The Sound of Architecture," Canary Wharf, London, UK

2016 Glass Art Exhibition at the Museum of Olaine, Latvia

2016 "Telpa Daugavpils," international theater project in Daugavpils, Latvia

2016 "Laikā" - "In Time" Art Exhibition at Cēsis Exhibition Centre, Latvia

2016 "Uzlecošā Zvaigzne Mākslā" Conceptual Art TV show, Latvia

2017 "Melting Limits," Baltic glass exhibition at LMA, Latvia

2017 "Your Works at Saatchi Screen," featured artist with "Sound of Architecture" artwork, Saatchi Gallery, London, UK

2017 Young Glass at Glasmuseet Ebeltoft, Denmark

2017 Glass Heap Challenge at Glasmuseet Ebeltoft's hot shop, Denmark

2017 The International Festival of Glass, Stourbridge, UK

2017 Stanislav Libensky award exhibition at DOX center, Prague, Czech Republic

2018 Young Glass at The Glass Factory, Boda, Sweden

2018 "HOMO-WHO?" group exhibition, Riga, Latvia

2018 Young Glass at The National Glass Centre, Sunderland, UK

2018 "Komēta" Festival, personal exhibition "Cold Sweat," Daugavgrīva, Latvia

2018 "The Art of Creation" Patchogue Arts Council's international exhibition, New York, US

2018 Loosenart group exhibition "Surfaces" at Millepiani, Rome, Italy

2019 Glass Art exhibition "Cilvēks" at the Museum of Valmiera, Latvia

2019 Glass Art exhibition "Skelets skapī" at the Museum of Gulbene, Latvia

2019 LMA Graduate exhibition "Svaiga gaļa kritikai," Riga, Latvia

2019 "Komēta" Festival, exhibition "Sweat Hearts," Daugavgrīva, Latvia

2020 Glass Art Society presentation lecture, featured artist

2020 "Mirrormirror Art" online exhibition

2020 "Tēlniecība. Objekts." interdisciplinary sculpture exhibition at Arthouse of Kuldiga, Latvia

2020 "Točka" recent Art Academy of Latvia graduate exhibition, Riga, Latvia

2021 "Gallery Center" Group gallery exhibition in a shopping mall, Riga, Latvia

2021 "Voice of Glass" international Glass Art exhibition at The Art Museum Riga Bourse, Latvia

2021 "Glass Skateboarding 21," permanent environmental glass installation at J. Rozentals Square 1, Riga, Latvia

2022 Glass Art Society online exhibition "Green" 1st place.

2022 "Glass skateboarding workshop" Nordeku park, Riga, Latvia

2022 "Glass skateboarding workshop" Grizinkalns park, Riga, Latvia

2022 Glass art conference in Mentzendorff House. Rigans' house-museum, Latvia

2022 IRMA Collaborative annual grant selected artist

2023 GEN BENCH. Public space bench project. Belgrade, Serbia

2023 MABOCA art festival. Madona, Latvia

2023 Montument for skateboarder Kristaps Horns. Cēsis, Latvia

2023 GEN BENCH. Public space bench project. Riga, Latvia

Contact: k.bogustovs@gmail.com

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