“A skater’s haven” initiative seeks to repurpose the space beneath the Gustava Zemgala Street bridge in Rīga, transforming it into a dynamic DIY urban sports area. Designed to cater to the city's youth and sports enthusiasts, the project involves the addition of a leveled concrete surface and a pivotal feature – a mini-ramp.

Aligned with the ethos of the "Do It Yourself" (DIY) movement, the project encourages active youth participation in shaping their recreational environment. The project's pertinence stems from the burgeoning popularity of urban sports, addressing the pressing need for accessible facilities. Drawing inspiration from successful precedents, particularly within the DIY movement, the project seeks to establish a sustainable model.

Future endeavors include continued expansion, collaboration with established sports organizations, and active involvement in municipal development initiatives. The agenda underscores a commitment to sustainability, robust community engagement, safety protocols, and strategic media outreach. As we progress, the aspiration is to materialize the ambitious goal of introducing a comprehensive mini-ramp to enrich the urban sports landscape.


Contact: k.bogustovs@gmail.com

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