“Auseklis” or “Morning star” is one of the most fundamental symbols in Latvian Ethnography. It shows light's dominance over darkness and protects our souls from evil. They were heavy, because the work is in size of 2 times 2 times 2 meters. I was planing to do all this by myself. It was a disaster, when I put two pieces together they would hold, then the third came and I would have to run 10 meters away, because the work is readable from far distance. By the time I ran away it fell apart. I was fighting with my angles and data. The next day I took everything back to the start, took apart all the wrong weldings and reviewed all my mistakes. I was working outside in the backyard of LMA. I wasn’t in a good mood and noticed someones watching me from a far distance behind the fence. I was twitching my shoulders in an angry manner towards them, after that I looked more closely and realised that those are my friends, making a fool of me. They jumped over the fence and saw the trouble that I got myself into. I persuaded them to stay and hang out and help me from time to time. With 3 minds together, it still was a big challenge. One holding, other running for the view and the third with the welding. When it turned dark it was almost together. I felt like seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. Useless is a strong symbol, and when it’s against you, it's quite heavy and once I saw the possible end, the feeling was like the one of a newborn horse. The next morning my friends showed up again, one had to leave in the afternoon and the other stayed for another full day. I even went for pica and lemonade. It was an event. It felt so great, we all were in frenzy about making those ends meet. And we weren’t the only ones around. Like I mentioned there were people taking their brakes at the backyard and the interest grew around the happening. There were acquaintances that became good friends of mine, because they got involved with helping me. From time to time someone showed up out of nowhere and joined me with the deed, it was like nowhere for me, because I was with my welding mask and ear caps on, surrounded by a big noise and light around me, because of the angle grinder and welder. It was an indescribable feeling to finish the piece, place it for the show and have a look. The final touches of paint were put just 12 hours before. It wasn’t just the result that made me so happy, but all the story it held.

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