It was a really serious project, might have been one of the major ones at that time. A guy answered my advertisement on zip.lv and it was my nameday too. So he calls me over and tells me about his club and that he has plans of expansion. He wanted to make an extra room, one that’s full of aliens. Inspired by the H.R. Giger’s the place was about to look like from the movies.  Like always, when a businessman sees a young enthusiast, he will say:”I can’t pay you what your work is worth, but I have plans in the future with this, I have clients, and they will pay much more.”  I took the deal, it was one of the coldest winters and the club was based in a basement. The exact position of the room was under a driveway, and it had no heating. It was covered with tiles all the way to the sealing. The place was a real fridge and the only thing that could keep me warm for the first weeks was active working and the idea about a good result and a chance in the future. After several months, When the main job was done, the pieces should have been taken to a special workshop, where they would be covered with urethane. That kind of finish would make them look pretty amazing. When that time came my client realised that he has no budget to continue, so that’s where the story ends. I didn’t even bother with taking pictures of them all, just took some to show my friends what I was working that time. Thanks to them, I have some memory to share about that period of time. (2012)

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